Wholesale Rechargeable LED Candles are Economical While Adding Ambiance

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Wholesale Rechargeable LED Candles Are Economical and Add Ambiance

Rechargeable LED candles are perfect for daily use in the hospitality industry. Instead of having to regularly replace traditional candles, these candles can be recharged and reused to save money. Enjoy the flicker and ambiance of authentic candlelight in your establishment without the risk of fire. Wholesale rechargeable LED candles are a safe and convenient alternative to open flames. If you own a hospitality establishment that caters to the public, beautifully realistic rechargeable LED candles will enhance the atmosphere and give your guests the welcoming feeling they desire. Best of all, rechargeable LED flameless candles adhere to all building codes and municipal fire restrictions that are becoming increasingly strict when it comes to open flames.
Flameless Candles for Restaurants: Fine dining is not just about great food. Running a successful restaurant is also about appealing to all the senses. You can add to the appeal and ambience of your establishment with the warm glow and authentic flicker of flameless candles. The decor and atmosphere of the restaurant contribute a great deal to success. Rechargeable LED candles will enhance the mood of any dining experience. Rechargeable LED candles are portable and require no maintenance to stay lit. The candles can be obtained in many different sizes, shapes and LED colors for additional atmosphere and beauty. If space is a concern at your restaurant, the best rechargeable candles use easy, stackable charging trays that will take up minimal space and prevent unwanted clutter.
Flameless Candles for Hotels: Guests in hotels expect the very best; this includes the decor of the property. Rechargeable LED candles placed strategically around a particular room, often a dining room, lobby, bar or sitting area, will create a pleasing ambiance and atmosphere. Flameless candles are ideal for places where people gather to relax and have fun.  With the range of sizes and LED colors, rechargeable LED candles offer a truly attractive way of adding lighting and decor to an area.
Flameless Candles for Bed and Breakfasts: If you run a bed and breakfast, you will need to keep your costs down in order to offer your guests a great deal. By using rechargeable LED candles, you can still provide beautiful decor with the economical choice of rechargeable candles. Going flameless with rechargeable candles will provide you with huge savings over the recurring costs of replacing traditional candles.
Flameless Candles for Spas:The atmosphere at a spa is very important. Clients at a spa desire a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The gentle flicker of rechargeable LED candles will contribute to this relaxing atmosphere. LED candles provide glow and ambiance without the worry of smoke fumes and fire hazards. LED candles are a safe option to light up the spa.
If you are in the hospitality industry, wholesale rechargeable LED candles offer a beautiful and safe choice for lighting and decor. LED lights are the most efficient light source on the planet. After a 3 hour charge, these candles will stay lit for 15 hours and can be recharged up to 1,000 times: that’s 15,000 hours of candlelight.  
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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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