Discover the Versatility and Cost-Effectiveness of Wholesale Flickering Tea Lights

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Discover the Versatility and Cost-Effectiveness of Wholesale Flickering Tea Lights


What Are Flickering Tea Lights?


Wholesale flickering tea lights are a cost-effective and safe alternative to traditional wick candles and tea lights. These types of flame-free tea lights are designed to provide the ambiance of real tea lights by using a flickering LED to mimic a flickering flame.


While traditional tea lights will typically burn down over the course of one to four hours and have to be replaced, flickering tea lights run on batteries. There are models of battery powered tea lights that contain rechargeable batteries to enhance convenience; other models have batteries that can be replaced when required in order to prolong the lifespan of the tea light. Some of the top flickering tea lights are incredibly energy efficient, offering up to 120 hours of use before requiring the replacement of batteries. Rechargeable options also exist that can provide up to 15,000 hours of candlelight.


Flameless tea lights typically use an LED bulb to recreate the look of a traditional tea light, but tea lights with wick designs are also available for when the candles will not be used inside of holders. The flickering pattern of the LED bulb is used to create the illusion of a moving or dancing flame. The color of the bulb is also important to creating a natural and realistic looking flickering flame with warm white and amber options


Flickering Tea Lights for Any Occasion


Flickering tea lights offer exceptional versatility. They can be used in any situation where a traditional wicked tea light would be used and also in areas where it is inadvisable to use traditional candles. Flame-free tea lights offer the same advantages as normal tea lights without any of the concerns over safety due to open flame. These concerns include accidental burns to people and property as well as the possibility of fire.


Flickering tea lights are also an excellent choice for outside use. Traditional tea lights may be extremely difficult to light under certain conditions or be easily blown out by a breeze, but a flameless tea light will continue to work under these conditions without concern.


Wholesale flickering tea lights provide a cost-effective, safe and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution for any number of different businesses that are dedicated to creating a soothing environment with pleasing ambiance. Flameless tea lights have been growing in popularity as the science behind these candles has continued to improve.  The hospitality industry is one particular area where the use of these candle alternatives continues to rapidly grow. Businesses such as restaurants, spas, hotels, salons, bed and breakfasts, wineries and catering companies are just a few examples where wholesale flickering tea lights are a cost-effective, dependable and stress-free source of ambient lighting that can be used to create the perfect atmosphere for clients.


Finding the Best Flickering Tea Lights


Advances in flameless candle technology have made it possible to find highly realistic flickering tea lights that are competitively priced and last for a very long time. The best wholesale flickering tea lights will meet every need and budget while providing long lasting enjoyment. An investment in quality wholesale flameless candles is an investment in ambiance, atmosphere and safety that will more than pay for itself.


Discover the many benefits of wholesale flickering tea lights as well as the many other types of flameless candles that are available today.

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