The Reasons You Should Consider Moving Flame Candles Wholesale for Your Establishment

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The Reasons Why You Should Consider Wholesale Moving Flame Candles for Your Establishment

Over the past few years, flameless candles have become a mainstream decorative element. Hospitality establishments have recognized that there are some settings where traditional candles with a live flame or strong scent cannot be used. Many in the hospitality industry have turned to purchasing moving flame candles at wholesale prices to achieve the same look and feel of traditional candles without the risk or limit to decorating options.
Mirage by Candle Impressions provides the look of a moving flame candle with the beautiful dancing light of a traditional candle. Mirage LED candles create an authentic candlelight experience in any place that will benefit from the safety of flame-free candles. Flameless candles are starting to show up in offices, weddings, funerals and in the restaurant business. There is a Mirage candle fit for every need and it is the most convenient flameless candle of its kind with the best value.

Why Choose Moving Flame Candles?

If you are in the hospitality industry or are planning your next event and need to purchase moving flame candles wholesale, the Mirage candle is the candle you have to see to believe. The Mirage SD Pillar has a moving flame effect with a realistic warm white LED. With a 3 inch diameter, it is perfect for candle holders. The candle runs on two C batteries with superior run times of 350 hours on a single set. It comes with a programmable timer and is remote control ready. The Mirage LD Pillar also has a moving flame effect with a realistic warm white LED. This series comes with a diameter of 3.75 inches and is perfect as a standalone candle for statement decor. This candle runs on two D batteries and has the longest battery run time in the industry: 650 hours on a single set of batteries. With the 5-hour timer on, that’s 130 days of candlelight without having to change the batteries. Mirage LD also comes with a programmable timer and is remote control ready. You can place your candles anywhere, even in hard to reach places, and outdoor, votive, and taper styles are available in addition to the classic pillars

Where to Place Moving Flame Candles

Here is a look at a few places where moving flame candles are ideal for decor:
Flameless candles with a moving flame are the perfect option for creating a beautiful table centerpiece. It is wise to avoid scented candles on dining tables so that the fragrance will not interfere with the smell of the food.
Many restaurants have grand bars with beautiful shelving units. Use Mirage in the gaps between bottles to enhance the look of the bar and turn it into a focal point.
Hotel lobbies and restaurants frequently have cozy fireplaces. Add moving flame candles to the mantels of fireplaces for added warmth, glow and ambience.
Moving flame flameless candles are ideal for use in wall sconces or wall mounted candleholders. Using flameless candles against a wall surface will eliminate smoke stains and burn marks.
Flameless candles are also ideal for use in decorative lanterns. Flameless candles will provide the same level of light and ambience without the dripping wax build up or over heating that results from traditional candles.
Flameless candles can be used in any setting where a traditional candle could be used, but they also provide even more decorating options. Display moving flame candles wholesale at weddings, events or any hospitality establishment to add a warm ambient glow.
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