The Features and Benefits of Long Lasting LED Candles for Your Establishment

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The Features and Benefits of Long Lasting LED Candles for Your Establishment

If you work in the hospitality industry and want to add ambience to the decor of the establishment, long lasting LED candles may be just what you need. Flameless candles look, feel and flicker just like traditional candles, but they do not come with the safety hazards and mess that accompany traditional candles.  Some of the features of LED candles include:
  • Battery run times of 3,000 hours on a single set of batteries; rechargeable options can be used and reused for 15,000 hours
  • Flameless candles with realistic wicks enable candles to look real whether on or off and moving-flame LED candles are beautiful statement pieces
  • LED candles with timers will come on automatically at the same time each day and stay on for the length of time set. This is a great feature for any hospitality establishment.
  • LED candles with programmable timers can be set to come on at the same time every day and stay on for your choice of 1 to 23 hours.
  • LED candles with remote controls allow you to easily turn candles on or off with the touch of a button. You have the choice to operate the candle from either the remote control or the candle itself. This is a great feature for hospitality establishments that need to place the candles in hard to reach places.
Long lasting LED candles have become very popular because the features make them so easy to use. They are also so versatile. Use LED candles anywhere you would use traditional candles, with even more opportunities because they are safe. Some of the benefits of LED candles include:
  • LED candles with long lasting batteries will save you money and time. Flameless candles are cost effective because they do not need to be repurchased for every event.
  • One of the major benefits of LED candles for hospitality establishments is the safety factor. Maintaining the safety of guests is vital. Flameless candles are much safer to use than traditional wick candles because they contain no flame. LED candles give off no heat or smoke.
  • You can use them anywhere. They can be placed right into decorations, as tabletop centerpieces both indoor and outdoor. Flameless candles can be used to add ambience to the area. The gentle flicker of flameless candles creates an authentic flicker and perfect warm glow. LED candles can be placed wherever you want at an event without the fear of starting a fire. They can be used outdoors, even in windy conditions.
  • They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours just like traditional candles. They will complement the decor of any theme.
  • Although LED candles look just like traditional candles and the majority of the candles are crafted from real wax, they will not melt. You will not have to worry about cleaning up wax that has dripped all over the place. When you choose flameless candles for your events, you will not have to worry about constantly lighting wicks. Simply turn the candle on and it will stay on even if the airflow is disturbed.
With all the great features of long lasting LED candles, the benefits of using flameless candles are endless. LED candles give you greater versatility over traditional candles.
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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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