Cost Effective LED Candles Are the Perfect Choice for Your Establishment

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Cost Effective LED Candles: The Perfect Choice for Your Establishment

Candles provide a warm and cozy ambiance that is particularly welcomed in hospitality establishments. Cost effective LED candles are perfect for dressing up a restaurant table, buffet table or bar area. Flameless candles are a great innovation when it comes to lighting, whether for ambience, accent or mood setting purposes.

How Much Can You Save by Choosing LED Candles

Unlike traditional candles, LED candle bulbs will not run out after just a few uses. If you need long lasting illumination for your restaurant, here is a breakdown of approximately how much you can save by choosing LED candles:

Traditional Candles

  • Burn time is about 5 hours
  • Cost per unit is $0.10
  • Annual burn time hours is 2920
  • Cost per hour works out to be $0.02
  • Year 1 cost per 48 tables is $2,800
  • Year 2 cost per 48 tables is $2,800
  • No savings in year 2

Rechargeable LED Candles

  • Burn time is about 15,000 hours
  • Cost per unit is $16.00
  • Annual burn time hours is 2,290
  • Cost per hour works out to be $0.001
  • Year 1 cost per 48 tables is $750
  • Year 2 cost per 48 tables is $0.00 - rechargeable candles do not need to be replaced in year 2
  • This translates to considerable cost savings of approximately $4,850 over a 2 year period
The initial investment in LED candles is high per unit cost. However, the cost savings over a two year period is undeniable.
Besides being very cost effective, here are some other main benefits of using LED candle bulbs over traditional flame candles in your hospitality establishment.

LED Candles Are Safe

Because they contain no actual flame, LED candles are much safer to use and comply with municipal fire bans and restrictions. LED candles give off no heat, smoke or flame. This makes them ideal for eliminating fire risks, making them a good choice on fabric tablecloths that may be flammable. LED candles leave no hot, melting wax, which can cause injury and is difficult to clean up.

LED Candles Are Versatile

LED candles can be used as restaurant decor to add ambience or can be used for emergency preparedness in case of a power outage. LED candles can be put wherever you want without the fear of anything accidentally catching fire. These candles can be used on outdoor patios, even in windy conditions; this would never be possible with traditional candles. LED candles are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours to suit any sense of style.

LED Candles Require Less Maintenance

With LED candles, you will not have to worry about constantly lighting wicks. Simply turn the switch on once and it will stay on even if the airflow is disturbed by overhead fans. This will save time and will keep that ambient feeling continuously flowing through the establishment.
Cost effective LED candles are the perfect solution to fill your establishment with ambient light. The features of flameless candles not only make them more cost effective, but also make them safer, more versatile, and require less maintenance. The realistic design of LED candles will look equally beautiful in traditional candle holders or simply on their own. 
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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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