Add Ambiance to Hospitality Establishments with Bulk LED Votives

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Adding Ambiance to Hospitality Establishments with Bulk LED Votives

There are hospitality establishments like restaurants, hotels and spas that place emphasis on creating a calming atmosphere, and candles are ideal for this. With traditional votive candles, someone has to keep changing them as they burn out. There is also the potential of fire risk along with a lot of mess attached to real votives. This can be a lot of work in a large establishment. That is why bulk LED votives are the ideal solution for hospitality establishments.
Candlelight is always pleasing. The warm glow of candlelight creates an inviting atmosphere. LED candles are so close to real candles that many people may not even notice the difference. Flameless candles are innovative. The majority of flameless candles are crafted from real wax, just like traditional candles, but without the danger potential. It is important for the candlelight to look and feel real without the flame. LED candles flicker to simulate a real flame, delivering all the aesthetic advantages of traditional candles. There is a wide assortment of LED votives available to meet the needs of most decorators. Some LED candles are rechargeable, while others use standard batteries. You can save time and money by choosing flameless candles for your establishment. LED votives are ideal for adding atmosphere to hospitality establishments when they are strategically placed.

LED Votives for Beauty Spas

The gentle flickering light of LED votives contributes to the calming and relaxing mood that the clients at beauty spas desire. Clients will never know that the flickering light is not coming from traditional votive candles. What is important is the atmosphere the candle is creating. LED votives provide all the ambiance and mood without all the melted wax, fumes, ongoing costs and fire hazard to worry about.

LED Votives for Restaurants

LED votives are perfect for dressing up a restaurant table without taking up a lot of space. The subtle flickering light that votives provide makes perfect accent lighting for intimate meals. The bulb in LED votives replicates the flicker of traditional candles, making the flameless votives look very realistic. If you work in a restaurant and use traditional candles, you know the frustration of lighting dozens of wicks. The ambiance of candles is beautiful, but lit candles are simply not practical. Flameless candles in restaurants are much safer, present no risk of fire and cleanup is more efficient for staff when compared to standard candles. Bulk LED votives are cost-saving over time and are a great investment for restaurant owners.

LED Votives for Hotels

The decor of hotels is very important to guests. Placing LED votives in places where people gather to relax, such as in the lobby or sitting area, is ideal. The flickering light of LED votives creates a pleasing ambiance. Flameless candles give the flexibility to create a calming mood without having to compromise on design or on the safety of guests. They are perfect in any location of the hotel and in any environment.
Fameless LED votives are the perfect solution to creating the ambiance desired in hospitality establishments. Whether you choose warm-white light or amber light for your bulk LED votives for your hospitality establishment, the realistic wick design will look equally beautiful in traditional holders or simply on their own. 
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