Flameless Tea Lights in Bulk Will Add Ambience to Restaurant Decor

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Flameless Tea Lights in Bulk Will Add Ambience to Restaurant Decor

Flameless tea lights are perfect for dressing up a restaurant table without taking up a lot of space and the subtle light that tea lights provide makes perfect accent lighting for intimate meals. The bulb in the tea lights replicates the flicker of an actual candle, making the flameless tea lights look very realistic, and are available in warm-white and amber color options. If you prefer the more authentic look of a burnt wick, other styles are available the hide the LED bulb inside of the candle. Purchasing flameless tea lights in bulk will be a great addition to your establishment.

Benefits of Flameless Tea Lights

If you work in hospitality and use traditional candles, you know the irritation of lighting dozens of wicks and the frustration of customers blowing out the candles. The ambiance of candles is beautiful, but lit candles simply are not practical. There are many advantages to choosing flameless tea lights for table centerpieces in restaurants. One of the major benefits of choosing flameless candles is that cleaning is more efficient for staff when compared to standard candles. Flameless candles are much safer and present no risk of fires. They do not generate any smoke, which can aggravate guests and employees with allergies. Clean up is very quick and does not involve scraping spilled wax. Bulk flameless tea lights are budget-friendly over time and are a great investment for restaurant owners who want to add ambience to their establishment. They are also available in rechargeable options with convenient staying trays to save space and the environment.

Flameless Tea Lights for Table Decor

Flameless candles will add a gentle appearance to the table. The soft lighting is welcome in relaxed dining situations. Flameless tea lights can be used in many ways to embellish a dining table.
You can place tea lights along the center of a table runner in a straight line or vary the design by alternating the tea lights in a zigzag or circle pattern. You can create a dazzling display of lights on the table runner by putting tea lights in coloured glasses or lanterns. You can put flameless tea lights in vases or clear bowls. You can place them on top of decorative beads or around flower settings. They will add a beautiful and soft touch to the table decor, making the restaurant look and feel warm and welcoming without having to worry about hot wax or open flames.
For a sophisticated centerpiece, try a mirror to reflect the candlelight. Arrange an array of flameless tea lights on top of a mirror to enhance the softening, flickering effect of the candlelight.
You can use tea lights to create table centerpieces with different layers of light. Use tall tea light candleholders and then arrange extra flameless tea lights around the base. You can use a cake stand to elevate tea lights at different heights. You can even turn a champagne glass upside down to create a tea light holder. Always make certain that your table centerpiece decor does not interfere with sight lines across the table.
Flameless tea lights for table decor will add beauty and ambience to dining tables. Unscented tea lights will not interfere with the aroma and flavour of the food being served and are in economical bulk options with simple stacking trays for recharging.
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