PlayThe Magic of Wholesale Flickering LED Tea Lights wholesaleflickeringledtealights

The Magic of Wholesale Flickering LED Tea Lights

By Andrea Smith
Flickering LED Tea Lights that Light Up Like a Real Candle   There's something about a candle that radiates magic. Even a small tea light can instantly transform a room from drab to fabulous. Wholesale flickering LED tea lights give off a warm glow with their gentle flicker, ...
PlayOutdoor LED Candle with a Side of Ambiance outdoorledcandle

Outdoor LED Candle with a Side of Ambiance

By Andrea Smith
Outdoor LED Candle   Lighting is an important factor in transforming a space into a place of wellbeing; a place where restaurant patrons feel like it is a home away from home. Outdoor LED candles help create that personal experience, especially on patios where people flock to ...
PlayAmbient Wholesale Flameless Candle wholesaleflamelesscandle

Ambient Wholesale Flameless Candle

By Andrea Smith
Wholesale Flameless Candle   Finally there is a way to have candles and be safe too. Never worry again about a candle being tipped or spilled with wholesale flameless candles in your establishment. The risk of fire is instantly eliminated with a wholesale flameless candle and ...
PlayAn LED Candle for Banquet Halls Makes Candlelight Easy ledcandleforbanquethalls

An LED Candle for Banquet Halls Makes Candlelight Easy

By Andrea Smith
LED Candle for Banquet Halls   With many special event venues not allowing open flame candles, an LED flameless candle for banquet halls is a fantastic replacement at weddings, receptions, holiday celebrations, Bat Mitzvahs and any other event that candles are traditionally used ...
PlayLess is More with Hotel LED Candles hotelledcandles

Less is More with Hotel LED Candles

By Andrea Smith
Hotel LED Candles   Hotels need different types of lighting to create the right atmosphere for various purposes, such as creating an inviting reception area and an intimate restaurant atmosphere. Hotel LED candles provide all the enjoyment of traditional candles without the drawbacks ...
PlayKeep Things Simple with a Rechargeable Candle rechargeablecandle

Keep Things Simple with a Rechargeable Candle

By Andrea Smith
A rechargeable flameless candle looks just like a real candle; however, they can burn for 15 hours and never be hot to the touch or create mess. If they get knocked over they aren’t going to burn anyone or catch something on fire: this is especially important in places like banquet ...

Wax Flameless Candles for Atmosphere

By Jayne Browne
Exceeding Expectations With Thoughtful Detail Success in hospitality comes from exceptional management of three components: the experience, the service and the product offering. Spas, country clubs and other fine service establishments tend to set high expectations for guests ...

Elegant Lighting With Rechargeable LED Candles on Trays

By Jayne Browne
Adding life to any space can be accomplished with the most important of all design aspects: light! Whether its warmth, style, season or emotion you’re focused on, subtle use of appropriate lighting will not only spotlight important accents, but also safety and security factors in ...

Create Atmosphere With Outdoor Flameless Candles

By Jayne Browne
In recent hospitality interviews , Top Hotel Industry Executive Larry Korman, of AKA, was quoted as saying; "When people leave home, they want technology, wellness, and cleanliness.” That supports a growing trend among restaurants, hotels, motels, lodges, resorts and inns, to offer ...

LED Votives for a Classic Look

By Jayne Browne
It’s two hours before guests begin to arrive. A full staffing complement scurry in preparation for this week’s big event, and everything must be perfect; especially the lighting…   With rechargeable LED votives, your staff will no longer have to waste time lighting, re-lighting, ...

Accent With Flameless Tea Lights

By Jayne Browne
The Subtle Accent, Warmth and Glow of Flameless Tea Lights Guest warmth is created in the first few minutes of arrival; it’s that lasting first impression that we end up sharing with friends and family. In the highly competitive hospitality industry, every small detail can ...

The Benefits of Wholesale Rechargeable Candles

By Mike Richardson
The Benefits of Wholesale Rechargeable Candles   Should You Consider Wholesale Rechargeable Candles?   Any business that relies on candles or other sources of soft light in order to create ambient lighting can benefit greatly from the use of rechargeable candles. Businesses ...
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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

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